Sunset Blvd.

No one ever forgets the classics, especially one as quotable as Sunset Blvd. This movie was incredible to see and the idea behind it was even better. Directed by Bill Wilder brings the characters back from the past. Silent Film Star Nora Desmond is obsessed with herself, and her movies. She watches them every day while being cared for by her butler. One day a washed up writer Joe Gills comes to her residence, and hides his car in her garage, so it doesn’t get repossessed. He then spends his days reading over her script and fixing it up. As they hang out more and more she begins to have feelings for him which lead to her attachment of him. Nora’s Ex Husband and old director Max Von Mayerling takes care of the two of them while Nora is medicated and he keeps her secrets. An secrets from her. Meanwhile a young script writer Betty Schaefer who is writing a script seeks Joe’s help with it. As she writes more and more with him she grows more attached while she is also engaged to his best friend. Eventually Betty discovers the truth about Joe and Nora tries to bring Joe back, but he refuses and loses both women. As he is leaving Nora pulls out a gun and shoots Joe. He lies there dead in the pool same as the beginning of the movie. The movie has an interesting history about the beginning of the movie. The director Billy Wilder according to auroras gin joint ( had an interview with Mr. Wilder and found out that he had a different opening that he later re shot. The first opening had the corpse talking and people laughed in the theater. Wilder later said, “I just sat there for a few minutes and then I left the theater.  There were some steps leading down to the toilet.  I sat there, on the third step.  That was one of the black moments of my life.  And a lady came down the steps who had also left the theater.  As she passed me she said, “Have you ever seen sh*t like this in your life? and I said, never.” Mr. Wilder was so embarrassed with his work he re shot it. It says a lot about Wilder that he re did his work, it says he takes great pride in it. Years later most film students recognize the work of Billy Wilder and his great success. The film in my personal opinion had a great story for an early film like that even years later I can personally say I enjoyed that black and white film. Normally I don’t like old movies, but it had a flare to it that kept me interested. The dialogue was a little dry, but it had a good flow with the characters. I thought the story was incredible and the shots were very artistic. It was also very creative of them to bring back the old silent film clips and add them in. Overall I would see the movie once, but once is enough to enjoy it for a long while.

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